Want your kids to speak fluent Spanish?

(Yes, I mean actually fluent Spanish…and quickly.)

Dear Parent,

Would you love to see your kid speaking Spanish fluently? Would you love for him/her to be able to work in Spanish, make real friends in Spanish, travel easily and more?

BUT, unless your kids’ school is completely different from my kids’ school…and just about every other American school I know about…no one is learning any language fluently.

Fortunately, we have a solution:

My partner Rodrigo Galdamez has developed a nearly magical language method.

>>> He taught himself English at 23 in his native El Salvador to get a job!

>>> He has since brought 22,463 (and counting) Central Americans from zero/beginner English to so fluent they got English-language jobs requiring them to speak English all day everday.(If you call Expedia, Google, or your cell phone company, there’s a pretty decent chance Rodrigo taught the guy you are talking to English…from scratch.)

>>> We have taught fluent English to thousands of kids across Latin America. (And they love their classes!)

We have thousands of testimonials and five-star reviews.

Shortly, we will start teaching American kids SPANISH, with the same awesome methodology

Shortly, we will start teaching American kids SPANISH, with the same awesome methodology

And, if you want to join our beta program, it will be astonishingly cheap. (In return, we’ll just ask for occasional feedback.)

Here’s the deal:

It will be live online classes, with a dedicated native teacher. We’ll use the same “Automatic Fluency” methodology that has produced such awesome results for our English students.

  • We’ve got our Spanish curriculum ready.

  • Our native Spanish teachers are ready. (They are the best!)

  • But, before we launch we just need a touch of “market info.”(Simple things like what time you want classes, how many hours per week, etc.)

  • Once we get that info from you and other parents, we’ll finalize the details and launch the beta.


If you fill out this 2-minute survey, we’ll send you an invite to our BETA program in about a month—which will give you an ASTONISHING discount.

(No credit card requested—I just need a tad bit of market info for now.)

Here’s what will happen

• Our curriculum is built and our native teachers are ready.

• Over the next two weeks, we’ll collect your responses.

• We’ll structure the first classes based on what you tell us (your kids’ age and level, how many hours per week you can handle, etc.)

• In about 1 month, you’ll get an invite to join the BETA PROGRAM.

As a BETA PARTICIPANT, we will charge you approximately cost for at least the first 6 months of the program. (I can’t say how much until we know how many hours etc. you want…but I can say it will be astonishingly affordable for you.)

All we ask in return is honest feedback.
Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of teaching every kid in the world a second language!

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